A New Experience

It has been a while since I posted my last Blog post, but I guess it’s about time for a new one.
I was wondering what to write about, and I finally thought of sharing my latest teaching experience.
Everything started so fast, the job opportunity, the interview, the acceptance, the papers, and most importantly, the decision.
I would be lying if I said it was easy, but why not? It’s nice to have a new experience, especially with the lack of respectful and amazing opportunities in Lebanon.

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Discipline Problems v/s Effective Classroom Management

Discipline problems are listed as the major concern for most new teachers. What can teachers expect and how can they effectively handle discipline problems? Classroom management combined with an effective discipline plan is the key. This step-by-step look at classroom discipline will help you see some important steps in dealing with discipline problems that may arise in your classroom.

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Ready for a New School Year?


How do you feel about the start of the new school year? Are you excited? Nervous? Happy? Sad? Do you have mixed feelings?

Soon school doors open again welcoming teachers and students to a new school year. Everyone is excited and a little worried about how the school year is going to be.

Dear teachers, are you prepared for the first day of school? There are many things “We” teachers should be concerned about as we start our year…One of the most essential issues we care about most is our classroom and its decorations.. We should decorate our classroom and make it suitable for students..

As a teacher, I would like to share some ideas with you concerning bulletin board ideas  we can use at the beginning of the year..

Here are some pictures 🙂

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